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TMUC Service Charter


1 Response to inquiries Clarity of request or wish and full disclosure of what is required. Nil Email enquiries within two (2) days
Postal enquiries within seven (7) days
2 Response to complaints, Compliments or suggestions Receipt of Complaints, Compliments or Suggestion Nil Acknowledgement within a day
Feedback within seven (7) days
3 Admission of Regular (GoK) students KUCCPS Admission list Nil Within 2 months of receipt of admission
4 Admission of Self-sponsored students Minimum course entry requirements Within 1 month of application
Payment of application fee
Application fee:
Kshs 1500/=
Within 1 month of application
5 Teaching Registration of Units
Class attendance
Learning materials
As per fee structure Fourteen (14) weeks of the semester
6 Examinations 80% class attendance
Student ID card
Examination card
As per fee structure In the last three(3) weeks of the semester
7 Recruitment of Staff Existence of a vacancy
Receipt of application letter with copies of
Certificates, transcripts and Curriculum Vitae.
Invitation for interview
Nil Within three (3) months from
the closing date of applications
8 Response to successful and unsuccessful
candidates after interview
Contact details:
Email address
Telephone no.
Nil Within one (1) month after
the date of the interview
9 Health care services Student identification card As per fee structure Immediate